Why Buying a Used Vehicle is the Right Choice

As you shop for your next car, you’ll likely be considering the differences between new and used cars and wondering if there is more to buying a used car than simply a lower price. And while there are several key factors that make both viable options, the truth is that there are several perks to buying a used car that can make it the right choice for many buyers at our Parker, AZ dealership. Simply visit Bradley Chevrolet and we’ll show you our used inventory so you can find that perfect fit for your Blythe lifestyle today!

Better Value Over Time

The excitement of buying a new car can be quickly tempered by the rapid depreciation that can see many buyers upside down on their auto loans for months or years to come. Unfortunately, this limits your financial options if you suddenly need to upgrade or downsize your vehicle, as you’ll owe more than the vehicle is worth and often end up paying the difference out of pocket. However, a used vehicle has already been through this initial depreciation period, meaning that it will now better hold its value versus the purchase price over time, giving you more financial flexibility as you move forward. Of course, you’ll also enjoy a lower purchase price than a new vehicle as well, giving you the choice to buy a more premium vehicle than you could afford to buy new.

Insurance Costs

Insuring a used car often costs less than insuring something new, thanks in part to the depreciation mentioned above. Moreover, the reduced cost can help make your complete ownership of the vehicle more affordable, so you can choose your next car with even greater confidence.

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