Hunting for a new or used vehicle in Parker can be an arduous and lengthy process. Before you seek to buy a new car, you must consider the type of car you want, body style, and model. Therefore, you must know if you want a sedan, SUV, or truck. Shopping for an SUV is an ideal choice between a truck and a sedan. Below are the benefits of buying a used SUV instead of a sedan or truck at Bradley Chevrolet of Parker.

Enhanced Cargo and Passenger Space at an Affordable Price

Regardless of where you want to go, cargo space is always a hot necessity. Buying a used Chevy SUV near Blythe is ideal for upgrading your available space. Furthermore, SUVs offer a cargo space that matches a truck's versatility and sedan's protection and convenience.

Most sedans and trucks fail to provide their passengers with efficient and comfortable seating. When you buy a used SUV for sale in Parker, AZ, your family members will enjoy ample headroom and leg space provided. If you have a more prominent family, you will also enjoy the practicality brought by three-row SUVs that can accommodate eight passengers.

If you are looking for a machine that will provide you with a comfortable driving experience, a used luxury SUV for sale in Lake Havasu City will do the trick. With a used SUV, you will enjoy many comfort amenities such as heated leather seats and leather steering, all at an affordable price.

Off-Road Reliability

SUVs come with a higher clearance ground than sedans, making them perfect for taking on adventurous trips involving rough roads. Some models come with an all-wheel-drive system that enhances their performance in off-road and other harsh conditions such as snow and rain.

Enhanced Height and Diverse Sizing

SUVs are more extensive than sedans. However, when you purchase a used Chevy SUV for sale in Parker, your driving experience will change. Seating in a higher position will give you control over your driving, and you will also have an excellent view of where you are driving.

Most sedans offer a maximum seating of five passengers with limited legroom at the rear seats. On the other hand, SUVs also provide car owners with five-passenger seating with ample headroom and legroom at the back. However, subject to a car's configuration, you can also find three-row SUVs that accommodate either eight or seven passengers.

Enhanced Safety

In the past, most drivers were concerned about the stability of most SUVs. However, thanks to technology, SUVs are now safer than ever. Regardless of your selected make, model, and trim you select, you'll likely end up with your ideal vehicle equipped with a smart suspension and top-quality stability sensors to enhance your safety.


Unlike new SUVs for sale, used SUVs tend to be cheaper to purchase and own. For instance, you might spend more than $50,000 to buy a brand-new SUV but opting for a used one; you might spend even half of this money to acquire one. You'll pay more on insurance if you buy a new model than a used one because insurance firms determine a car's insurance rate by estimating the vehicle's value.

Most drivers love SUVs since they provide the performance, convenience, and versatility that people look for in a car. Visit our dealership today, and you will love seeing our extensive inventory of used SUVs for sale in Bullhead City. However, although we are a Chevy dealership, we also offer SUVs from other top brands known for producing reliable and performance-oriented cars.

If you have issues finding your next vehicle, contact Bradley Chevrolet of Parker today. Our sales team will help you find your next car straightforwardly and quickly.